Von & Faith S.

As a young married couple in Austin, finding our first home to move into was not easy, until we met Laurie West. Laurie is very knowledgeable and is always quick to respond. We constantly felt like we were ahead of the curve in every step of the process, which was entirely due to Laurie’s thoroughness and dedication. We could not imagine a better experience and are looking forward to continue working with Laurie

Joi S.

Based on a recommendation from a good friend, I decided to work with Laurie West to sell my home last year. I'm so glad that I did! Laurie provided comparative analysis of homes sold and communicated market trends to me that allowed me to make informed decisions. I felt confident in deciding the appropriate listing price of my home. Laurie has in-depth knowledge and strong industry connections that resulted in a thorough marketing strategy. From beautiful home staging and excellent photography to extensive social media presence, the home was beautifully and widely marketed. Laurie knew exactly what to do to bring out all the best features of the house and have it truly shine and stand out. We had multiple offers and were under contract in only three days with an offer that was significantly above the asking price.

Like most people, deciding to sell my home was not only a huge financial decision but also very much an emotional decision for me. Working with Laurie made the emotional roller coaster ride much smoother. Laurie is truly caring and empathetic. She provided excellent communication throughout the process. Therefore, I did not hesitate to call Laurie when I was ready to buy another home. As of this writing, we are currently in the process of closing on a dream home. Laurie once again has been a blessing in this transition time in my life.

I can't recommend Laurie enough. She is extremely hard working, high energy, and attentive. A sincere and trustworthy person, Laurie is genuine. She works hard to make your home buying or selling experience a success!

Jordan L.

Laurie was fantastic to work with! I highly recommend her to anyone who needs that dedicated friend to support them through the house buying experience. She's eager, loyal, dedicated and extremely hard working. She goes above and beyond to make sure you and your family are taken care of and does not take no for an answer. She knows her business well and is very connected in the world of real estate as she's been doing this for many years. A million thank you's to you Laurie, you did an amazing job!

Zane & Rachel H.

Laurie was an absolute joy to work with. We began our search for a home without a realtor, and I was spending over 3-4 hours a day searching, calling, and scheduling tours. Not only was it a huge waste of time, I felt very uncomfortable going to properties on my own.
As soon as Laurie reached out to me, I knew I won the jackpot! She signed us up for MLS, stayed in constant contact, emailed/messaged us back immediately, and helped us find our dream home. She went to the properties early and turned on the lights and opened the doors. Her years of experience certainly puts her above other realtors. We will definitely call Laurie again when we are ready for our next home.

Ashley G.

Laurie was an absolute delight as our agent. We accidentally discovered her while searching other listings, and she jumped right in to help us without missing a beat. Laurie is responsive, honest, and seeks the best for her clients; she does her research and knows the business well. We count ourselves fortunate to have had her beside us on our house search, as would anyone else looking for an agent!

James & Jeanne K.

Laurie if fabulous! She was our realtor for purchasing a home and then for selling our previous house. She is energetic, friendly, and hardworking. She put together a great package for marketing the house we sold during a slow house sale period of the year. She made suggestions for improving staging the house and held several open houses. She kept us informed throughout the process of buying and selling both houses. She always seemed to have our best interest in mind. She listened to our needs while also making invaluable suggestions to help improve the marketing strategy and price negotiations.

Hector G.

Taking on the task of landing a new place to live at is never easy and can be full of surprises. Well, Laurie made sure that it was a smooth and seamless task. She managed to make herself readily available at all hours of the day and she was always sincere and easy to talk to. Almost made you seem like family, in a genuine way. She was always several steps ahead of the process and would guide me along the way in the leasing process. To put it simply, after all that. Laurie is a go-getter and she had fun while doing it.

Michelle K.

Taking on the task of landing a new place to live at is never easy and can be full of surprises. Well, Laurie made sure that it was a smooth and seamless task. She managed to make herself readily available at all hours of the day and she was always sincere and easy to talk to. Almost made you seem like family, in a genuine way. She was always several steps ahead of the process and would guide me along the way in the leasing process. To put it simply, after all that. Laurie is a go-getter and she had fun while doing it.

Jeanne Johnson

I highly recommend Laurie to help you find a home, rental or other types of property! We were looking for a home to rent during a stressful time health wise. She helped us find a home quickly! It is a brand new home for lease in a nice neighborhood and we love it! She helped us navigate a somewhat confusing application process and helped us stay in touch with the management company. There were over 40 applications for this property but we were able to get the lease thanks to her help!

Dave & Carol Smith

We have known Laurie for several years. When the time came to list the house our first call was to Laurie. She knows us and she knew the property. Which was very important because we are in Vista, CA. With COVID restrictions we couldn't travel. Laurie became the person in charge. We were in daily communication as to what was to be done to make the house ready. There were some issues that came up. With Laurie's contacts the problems were taken care of immediately. Laurie personally helped in clearing all contents left by the renter's out of the house. With all of Laurie's help we had an offer in two days. We would highly recommend Laurie. Laurie takes the extra steps to make sure things are done correctly. Thank you, Laurie!

Melanie K.

Laurie West just happens to be the best realtor I have ever come across! She moved mountains to help me find a new home on a very tight schedule and dropped everything she had going on multiple times to make sure we got to showings ASAP. The market moves so fast that you cannot wait around for several days after finding potential listings. You have to move on them immediately. I have pets too and that makes it so much more difficult. She even helped me make copies of necessary paperwork because my printer broke at a crucial moment! She is very driven and extremely friendly and professional. I could write a novel about her! If you choose Laurie as your REALTOR®, you will not be disappointed. Best decision you could ever make! Thank you so much Laurie for helping us get our perfect home.

Dante & Jeanne L.

Laurie is truly a real estate rockstar! We came in with a referral from a friend that hired her and was extremely happy, and she helped us on a tight situation, with a tight deadline, to complete satisfaction! Laurie is also passionate about pets and understands the challenges of finding a home when you have a "restricted breed". We'd hire Laurie again at any time for our real estate needs.

Christy R.

Laurie was absolutely amazing to work with. She met my wife and I at the first of 4 houses we were going to look at; she was there early, had the lights on, and had already looked over the house herself to help us if we had any questions. After we looked at each house, she asked us what we liked and didn't like about the house and if any one particular house was at the top of our list. When we saw the last house on our tour, we knew that it was the house for us. Laurie immediately told us what the next steps would be in the process and has been in constant contact with us throughout. She answered questions in a timely manner and went above and beyond to make sure that, start-to-finish, leasing our first house was smooth and easy. We couldn’t have asked for a better realtor and, given the chance, we would use Laurie again.

Monica & Jose A.

Laurie West was wonderful! She made the entire process so much easier than it would have been if we were going through the moving process alone. She kept in constant contact throughout. I hope to have her in my corner again if we move.

Valerie Y.

We have been homeowners for the last 17+ years and were looking for a rental in between owning homes. Since this was our first home rental, we really had no clue how to navigate the home rental market. The REALTOR® we were selling our home with was too busy to help us find a rental home so we started looking around on our own. Luckily Laurie reached out to us and we are so glad she did. She took the time to actually listen to our needs and found us the perfect rental home. Laurie spent quality time allowing us to see multiple rental listings and even stuck with us when our first house closing fell through (with another REALTOR®) and we had to delay our move. Laurie again spent time helping us find another rental, even working around our busy schedules. The rental we wanted didn't allow pets but Laurie reached out to the owner, explained how our small dog was house trained and well behaved. The owner agreed to let us rent the house with our dog and we could not be happier. Thank you, Laurie!

Carol H.

Laurie was great!! She took the time to help me during the holidays when it was so busy. She found listing in the areas we discussed and would meet me and personally show each property. After I did get a great place Laurie took the time to check in on me and see how I was doing. Laurie even helped letting me know what utility companies were in my area. Laurie, Thank you so very much!!!

Johnna M.

Laurie is an outstanding agent. My husband and I were relocating to the Austin area and through a series of unfortunate events we were left without an agent. Laurie was so understanding and within 30 minutes she was able to pull a list of properties based on our wants and needs. She has been readily available for any questions or concerns and absolutely strives to ensure her clients are entirely satisfied with the property. We can’t thank Laurie enough and if and when I need another real estate agent you can bet she will be the first call I make! Her knowledge of the Austin area and her professionalism set her way above the rest!"

Helena S.

My husband & I were moving around Christmas time and had a specific idea of what we were looking for. Laurie helped us not only find properties that fall within our parameters as she was proactive to add others when any of the properties we selected went out of the market. She was readily available either on the phone or email to help us with every single question. She went to all the locations with us respecting our space to look around and kept in touch even when the deal was complete. I would definitely recommend Laurie.

Adam J.

I would like to thank Laurie for the great job in helping find my family our perfect new house. She not only worked outside the normal hours but went above and beyond with every step. If you are looking for a new house, Laurie is the one to turn to.

Rosie H.

WOW! Above and beyond and then beyond that! Laurie is a true gem! Yes, she is a true professional but beyond that she makes you feel as if your family. Right off the bat I knew I had an awesome agent. I cannot say enough about Laurie. Even though there were some bumps in the road she stuck right there beside us and helped us find our perfect home. She kept in contact with us throughout the whole experience and answered every question we had. If you need an agent, Make Your Nest with Laurie West! You will NOT be disappointed.

Rebecca K.

We are extremely grateful to Laurie West in helping us purchase our first home. We started contact by looking for a rental and switched gears to purchase with a short deadline, which she somehow managed to beat with time to spare. Laurie was very communicative throughout the whole process and always quick to respond. Also, very personable and fun to work with. Highly recommend.

Robert K. & Erica E.

As a first-time renter in a new city, I was nervous and overwhelmed at the process of finding a new home. Laurie was able to completely alleviate any doubts or fears that I had. She was very thorough in presenting numerous options of houses that fit my specifications and gave lots of local knowledge into various neighborhoods. She was always ready to field any questions or concerns about the renting process. I would recommend Laurie to any renter/buyer/seller in the greater Austin area. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

James & Christine H.

Laurie was FANTASTIC! She definitely calmed our fears all throughout the process of finding our new home- even from a thousand of miles away. My wife and I are so grateful that we happened upon her. I highly recommend Laurie for anyone looking to relocate to Austin (or if you're already here). We're looking forward to when we get to work with her again.

Lucritia E.

Before we were first-time buyers, we wanted to lease a home and Laurie got us into a great neighborhood. Almost three years later when we were ready to buy, Laurie used her incredible experience in the market to expertly advise us on when and where to strike. She patiently answered every question we had as first-timers and made sure at each stage we were comfortable with the direction we were headed. She was at our side as our advocate the entire way, from preliminary meetings with the builder to a happy day at the signing table, where she met us with the most beautiful basket for our new home. We truly enjoyed being around Laurie and felt safe in her hands. I have recommended her to several friends and colleagues looking for a REALTOR® who will also become your partner. Simply put, Laurie is THE BEST.

Andrea E.

Laurie is absolutely amazing! She was so helpful and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy. She was extremely responsive to us and was such a huge help with advising us on decisions. I can't recommend her enough.

Colin M.

Laurie went above and beyond to help me when I was moving from out of state, including viewing properties and sending me videos. She was always fast to respond, thorough in her communication, and pleasant to talk to. Furthermore, Laurie helped me understand the neighborhoods and was a consummate professional in all things. I can't recommend Laurie enough.

Alanna & Luke

Laurie is just beyond amazing. She drops everything to make sure you find the perfect home. She is so responsive and extremely helpful with all questions. She works hard to make sure you get the best deal. Not to mention she is great at negotiating. I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you so much and we look forward to working with you for our next home!

Carolyn G.

Laurie was so easy to work with and called or emailed me every day during this process. I couldn't have asked for a better realtor, or one more personable.

Brett & Michelle G.

I wish I could recommend Laurie enough. My family was looking for a home in a specific neighborhood so our daughter could attend a specific school. Laurie was in constant contact with us as different homes became available. She was very flexible with her time in showing us different homes. When we found the one we absolutely wanted there were many barriers and lots of back and forth with the other realtors. I won't go into detail, but it was a very stressful process and Laurie was invaluable in this process. She guided us through with precision and patience. Now we are in the home we really wanted and feel so grateful to her every time we walk up to the door. I will be recommending her to all my friends and family.

Jake H.

Laurie was responsive and helpful throughout our process of finding a new place to live. Her efficiency helped us search, tour, apply, and close a deal within a week and a half.

Rossen & Rachel C.

Laurie's professionalism and awesome communication skills made our move from San Diego to Austin a breeze! We were on a major time crunch and within less than two weeks she found us the perfect house to lease. Thank you, again!

Jacob F.

Laurie recently helped us purchased our first home, and she was absolutely wonderful! She helped us navigate an incredibly competitive market with ease. Only a few weeks into our search, we found a home we absolutely loved. With Laurie's guidance, we were able to put together an offer that beat out significant competition, and we got the house! She was very responsive to any questions and made sure everything ran smoothly all the way through closing. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Erin U.

Laurie was so incredibly helpful. She went out of her way to find locations we were interested in and was helpful through the whole process. I am so grateful we found her!

Don & Lauren A.

We were extremely impressed with Laurie selling our home and couldn’t have been more grateful for such a pleasant experience. From the initial meeting through advice on how to best price and sell the house, to sell and close, the experience of the highest level of professionalism, care, and follow through was beyond anything we could have asked for. We cannot thank Laurie nor speak highly enough of her expertise, talent, and customer service. Anyone who wants to buy or sell a home and wants the best, should contact Laurie! Not only will she be our forever REALTOR®, but also a friend.

Laigha D.

Laurie was an absolute pleasure to work with. After working with other agents who did nothing but waste our time, we met Laurie and she got straight to business, working around the clock to get us into our home. She genuinely cared about what we needed and was the best advocate for us overall. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to lease or buy a home. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and you can tell she enjoys what she does. We are so grateful to her and enjoying getting settled into our new home!

Noalie Watson

Laurie West is an outstanding realtor. She really cares about her clients' happiness and what pleases them. I love her professional, positive, and supportive attitude. I would place Laurie West in the top 10 category as an expert in the field of realty. She takes out time to adhere to her clients' schedule, needs, makes adjustments when necessary and then she follows up with you until you are moving into your new home. I was so impressed with Laurie's services that I recommended her to my son as a first-time home buyer. After speaking with friends and family and their experiences with previous realtors, they all needed a Laurie West. She is just plain AWESOME!

Amber G.

Laurie was so great to work with! We moved here from out of town and she made it so easy for us. She worked with our schedule and set up 5 showings one right after another all in the same afternoon. She helped us fill out the application forms and even helped to convince the landlord to accept our dogs even though they are over the weight limit. I highly recommend Laurie and we will be using her again when we decide to buy.

Brittany S.

Laurie made our lease process so much easier and less stressful. We look forward to using her in the future.

Matt & Anita T.

Laurie was AMAZING to work with. We were in town for a limited time to find a rental and she worked tirelessly even on Saturday and Sunday showing up properties. We looked at nearly 15 properties before we found the one and she was always friendly, helpful, and always had a smile on her face. She even recommended places to eat in the area that were delicious. When we get ready to buy a house, we will definitely be contacting her.

Jesse & Ashley S.

Laurie was a blessing from the start. She is very knowledgeable and thorough in everything she does. Her work is definitely all for her clients and it shows. She’s very personable, caring and has your best interest as a number one priority. Laurie made the entire house search and buying process a breeze. She kept us in the loop on every conversation with the seller’s agent and was very prompt in her responses and answering any questions we had. We couldn’t recommend her more!

Melinda P.

Laurie was a pleasure to work with. She made the experience fun, personalized & as stress free as possible and was always responsive & helpful with any of my questions. Laurie is an expert in the industry. If you're looking for an agent, I highly recommend Laurie.

Amy D.

My mom and I found Laurie West through an online listing. I don't recall the original site but fortunately we connected and started working with Laurie to find our rental property prior to relocating to Austin from Turks and Caicos Islands and San Antonio. Throughout the process, Laurie was on top of everything: she helped us narrow down places, scheduled tours for us, and went out of her way to secure a showing at the last minute. She’s very warm, responsive, professional and easy to work with. We highly recommend Laurie!